Indian Military Academy, Dehradun

Chetwode building
Chetwode building

Teaching Lesson

Total length- 4 periods + ½ day field trip
Target students – 8th class students
Class size- 30-35
Learning Objective – Students will become aware about the  history of Indian Military Academy and its importance in the Indian Army.

Period 1

  • Reading : IMA Period 1
  • Introduce students with Indian Military Academy and where it’s situated.
  • Quiz
  • When did World War I start and when it ended?
  • Ans. 1914 to 1918

    • Create discussion among students about world wars and need of an army.Discussion about wars India has fought till now.

Period 2

    • Reading : IMA Period 2
    • RIMC is situated at __________. 
    • ____________ was the first Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army.

Ans2. Kodandera Madappa Cariappa

  • Activity
    • Discussion among students about different ranks in the military.

          In increasing order

Lieutenant Colonel
Major General
Field Marshal

  • Ask students to identify the architectural style of the Chetwode building. Create discussion on different buildings of the British era in Dehradun among the students.
  • Ask students to identify different landmarks named after the martyrs of Kargil war in Dehradun.

Period 3

  • Reading : IMA Period 3
  • Introduce students to the campus of IMA and life of a cadet in IMA.
  • Tell students about how discipline is important in one’s life.
  • Activity
  • Ask students to make a chart of their daily routine and improve it to better manage their time.

Period 4

  • Reading : IMA Period 4
  • Introduce students to the training regime at IMA.
  • Tell students about the CDSE exam and how to get into IMA through it so to motivate students to take this exam.

Period 5

  • In groups students will visit different landmarks across the city which are related to the martyrs from IMA.
  • They will document it through photographs and stick the photographs on the map where that landmark is situated.
  • In the afternoon they will go to IMA and observe the life of cadets and document that.



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